Saturday, March 1, 2014

Requested: Twist Out Maintenance

As requested, a video detailing how I maintain my twist outs. This is also how I maintain my braid outs. I rarely get 5 days out of a style without having to completely reset it, so usually day 5 is wash day. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Product Review | Ouidad Curl Co-Wash

 I have been using the Ouidad Curl Co-Wash once a week to cleanse my hair, followed by either oil or conditioner since late December. I especially like how much the coils in my hair pop after using this product

My hair has retained more moisture since I began using the Curl Co-Wash and seems to form more curls after every use. My hair is never stripped or tangled after use, no matter how many times I lather or how much product I use. I do not like the overly perfumy smell, but I can deal.

Bottom Line, this product gets an A+ and has become my favorite cleanser. I can still recommend the other cleansers on my staple products list, but as for me, I will use the Ouidad Curl Co-Wash from here on out.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Let's Talk | Hair Stats

My Stats
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Natural 4 b/c
Length: Between APL and BSL
Regimen Synopsis: Wash 1x/week, moisturize daily
Supplements: None at the moment
Goal: Hip Length Kinky
 Hair Style of the moment: Mini Twists

What does your hair look like right now? Tell us your Hair Stats.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Requested | My Skin Care Routine

The Routine Breakdown

Cleanse: Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
Tone: Paula's Choice Hydralight Toner
Exfoliate: Paula's Choice Clear Regular Strength Exfoliating Solution 
Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel
Serum: Paula's Choice Resist C15 Super Booster
Sunscreen: Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer Spf 30+

Cleanse: Cerave Foaming Cleanser
Tone: Paula's Choice Hydralight Toner
Exfoliate: Paula's Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment 
Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel
Treatment: Paula's Choice Clear Regular Strength Acne Treatment

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Everyday Hair | Mini Twists

Its that time again. Time for me to not manipulate my hair on a daily basis. Time to give my hair and my brain a break. I really haven't had any issues with my hair and I want to keep it that way. I found myself wanting to not deal with my hair 2 weeks ago, so I decided to do a set of mini twists.

I DC'd my hair with Curl Junkie Curl Rehab, cleansed with Ouidad Curl Co-Wash, added my leave-ins and let my hair air dry in 12 twists. Once dry, I went to town while watching RHOA (somewhere towards the end), Blood Sweat and Heels, and Sherlock for a total twisting time of 3 hours.

Of course that wasn't enough time, so the next day I finished while watching RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules, and LHHNY. Last time I put in mini twists, I blew my hair out first and it took 11 hours, this time I styled my air dryer hair and it took 6 hours. Yea, I can live with that. I plan to keep these in for four weeks, but we shall see. I'm moisturizing nightly with either Camille Rose Curl Milk or Oyin Hair  Dew chased with Coconut Oil.

This is such a exercise, life and sanity friendly style. Whatcha think?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let's Talk | Looking Presentable Daily

You know, it really irks me when I am in public and see someone who just did not try. I am not talking about wearing sweats because that can look decent. No, I am talking wearing doo rags, satin bonnets, just throwing a lace front on your head without trying to make it look close to real, going out with your natural hair in complete disarray and calling it a fro, crusty face, etc.

I don't know about you, but I was raised to get up and do something to look like a human every day. Even if I do not leave my house, I will brush my teeth, wash my face, and change my clothes to ones I did not sleep in. I just do not see why you cannot do the basic things before you leave the house.

Where is your pride? Sense of value and self worth. If your hair looks like crap, throw on a beanie or put your hair in a bun. I mean, there are tons of Youtube videos showing how to look cute with beanies and scarves as head coverings:

I won't say that you have to wear makeup, but please groom your eyebrows. I decided to take a break from makeup until valentine's day, BUT I do have clean eyebrows. They should be plucked and shaped because they really give your overall face a nice shape.  Like I stated above, clothes just need to look clean and fit.

A pair of well fitting sweats can look just as presentable as a pair of jeans. However, if you pair the sweats with house slippers, you've failed. It takes just as much effort to choose house slippers as it does to choose uggs, sneakers, sandals, etc. I just don't feel that there is an excuse for looking slovenly!

(In my best FunkyDineva voice) Is it me? Or am I just being too judgmental? What do you think?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My Simple Regimen: The Real Deal!
Today's Hair: Braid Out on Blown Out Hair
Wash ONCE a week
Moisturize Nightly

Really, that's it. Wash day is a process, but for the rest of the week, its moisturize and set or put my hair in a scrunchie (moisturize in the morning). In the evenings I always wear a Satin bonnet and in the morning I always style and go. Plus, the day after wash day I am usually still letting my hair set in twists/braids or whatever, so I just throw on a beanie or bring it all into a scrunchie. Last year I realized that I like to keep things simple and its the best way for me to retain my length. Now to the not so simple portion of things, the real annoyance:

Wash Day

1. Detangle: I wet a section of hair with my spray bottle, apply conditioner and detangle with my Hercules Sagemann Jumbo Rake. Once detangled I twist that section up and move on to the next (usually a total of 10 sections).  
*This process is not difficult, but it is time consuming, it can take me 30-45 minutes to get through my hair. Its not because I run into lots of tangles, the conditioner and wet hair takes care of any difficulty, its just that I have A LOT of hair. The crown of my head holds too many strands of hair (I know, thick haired problems). 

2. Cleanse and Oil Rinse: I cleanse my hair in four sections. I undo two or three twists, rinse the section thoroughly, cleanse, apply oil and then twist that back up into one large section. Once my hair is oiled up, I go about the usual shower business. Finally before getting out, I rinse my hair while still in the four large twists

Most weeks, that's the end! I hop out of the shower apply my leave-in's and style.

3. Twice a month I deep condition.

  • Protein DC: After rinsing out the oil, I apply conditioner, twist up. After conditioner has been applied to all sections, I put on a plastic cap and go about my shower business, 10-15 minutes later I rinse, get out of the shower, add my leave-in's and style.

  • Moisturizing DC: After rinsing out the oil, I hop out of the shower. I apply deep conditioner, put on a plastic cap and my Hair Therapy Wrap for 30 minutes. Then I go to the kitchen sink and rinse my hair while still in the four large twists, then I style.
Wash day is time consuming, I usually spend 30 minutes detangling, 30 minutes in the shower and then at least an hour styling for a total of at least 30 minutes. HOWEVER, the rest of the week is easy breezy. I wake up and just work with my hair however it is. I've gotten pretty good at figuring out how to make a mess work and I moisturize daily to maintain the health of my ends. For awhile there I waited until my hair seemed dry, but I find its simpler to just give my hair a little moisture daily. 

I often read people's regimen and afterwards say to myself, how in the world is that simple! K.I.S.S my ass (pun intended)! So, tell me, is my regimen simple or am I deluding myself out of necessity :-)?

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 2013 vs January 2014 | Blow Dried Hair

Judging by the comparison above, its been a good year in hair for me. The top left picture is a heat stretched twist out and the top right photo is an old twist out. The two photos on the bottom are of blow dried hair. Which if you compare with my May 2013 blow out pics, there has been good growth and retention:

The other day, I was a little down about my hair because I didn't think that I retained much growth this past year, but after looking at these pics, I really cannot complain. Last year was a good year in hair care, and now that I have my natural hair stride, this year will be even better. So, *Cheers* to another great year in Hair Care!


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