Saturday, August 2, 2014

Blog Has Moved | A Love 4 Me

Hi All,

I felt that I wanted to start a new hair blog, so I created a new website called A Love 4 Me. I didn't want to get rid of this blog, so it will remain because of all of the information I gathered here. However, for any of my updated hair and beauty info, check out my new blog. Thanks for being wonderful subscribers and I hope to see your comments on A Love 4 Me as well.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 | Summer Regimen

This summer I do not intend to do a lot of sets, including twist outs and braid outs. Instead I plan to protective style and Wash and Go. I have already put in a set of mini twists and rode that wave for 4 weeks.

Since I took them out, I have been wearing Wash and Go's, which for my 4c texture is a beautifully textured afro.  I have been using a diffuser to dry my hair so that I do not end up with seriously tangled hair each week. I'll ride this wave for a bit, then I intend to go to a braider and get my hair braided/twisted in a long lasting style (meaning 3 weeks), no synthetic hair, just my own.

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With all of the exercise I have been doing, this approach has been working for me this summer. Come Fall, I will change things up again, but until then I plan to get my afro shaped and to enjoy my hair!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

INHMD 14' Recap | Tallahassee, Fl

This year's INHMD did not disappoint, matter of fact, it exceeded expectations.  I had such a wonderful time, the atmosphere was so very welcoming and it was an exceptionally beautiful day in Florida. 

MsRosie Velt hosted the event and was a great host. She kept things flowing, was well organized, and of course, knowledgeable.
Some highlights include the presentation by the sisters of Mandiza Ngozi about protective styling and yarn wrapping.
Her Fro is giving LIFE!

The lovely vendors, plus the bangles and hair products I purchased!

And the panel discussion, at which every hair type was represented; we actually ran out of time, not questions!
There were TONS of giveaways, and the event was just a serious success. Check out the video below to hear more and to see video highlights of the 2014 INHMD Tallahassee, Fl:

Be sure to check out:
Ms. Rosie Velt's Channel:
Curly Girl Jess's Channel:
Eyecugorgeous' CHannel:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Taren Guy's: Natural Hair 101

Have you ladies peeped these video's yet?

What did you think? I like several things in these videos, and have tried a few since watching:

1. Applying Clarifying Shampoo to your dry scalp
Why has no one said this before? It is such a great idea, and after trying it, I can say this technique works very very well. I did not experience any of the usual dry/stripped feeling I usually get after using a clarifying shampoo with this method.

2. Detangling post rinsing deep conditioner
I have done this before and not loved it, but I think when I did it before, I did not deal with my shed hair before washing. I think this method is a nice happy medium between full out detangling before washing and detangling while in the shower under running water. I am not a fan of the running water detangling anyway because your hair is way fragile at that moment. I would not say detangling this way cuts down on time because you are still partially detangling your hair before washing, but it was quite easy for me to detangle with this method. I will continue to experiement with it before sticking with the method or tossing it.

3. Paddle brush
I tried using my Denman paddle brush in the ways she used it in this video, and while it worked, I found my comb did a quicker job and I felt sure that I wasn't ripping my hair at all, where as with the paddle brush, its hard to tell.

3. Trimming
You ladies know that I trim regularly, so this wasn't revolutionary for me. I am a major supporter of trimming your ends every two to three months. I trim less than a 1/4 of an inch while my hair is in twists, my hair thrives, and my detangling sessions are easier. I can tell when I need a trim because my ends begin to stick together more than usual.

This new series from Taren Guy seems to be quite promising! If you haven't tried any of these techniques try a couple and tell me what you think or just tell me what you think about these videos anyway.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 2014 | Tea Time Hair Chat

I have been busy, busy, busy, but I am now at the point where my daily activity is manageable enough to begin blogging and vlogging again. Have things slowed down? No, but my time management is doing well, so I am happy to be back. Let's see, what have been up to?

I wore my hair in mini twists for most of February, I took them out the last week of the month for a braid out because I was on a panel at the Spring Into Curls Natural Hair Meetup in Tallahassee, Fl:

It was so fun to meet other naturals and discuss hair. The panel made me realize how much I have learned in all these years of at home hair care, and how many coily hair ladies really need help. Its not about natural vs relaxed, its really just healthy hair practices in general that so many black women need to learn. During my hiatus, Target expanded their hair care isle to add Carol's Daughter and one of my FAVORITE companies OYIN HANDMADE!!!!

I have to be extra special strong when I walk into Target now, cause BABY! I am soooo tempted to grab everything at once. It is so very refreshing to go into a store and be able to walk away with products for my hair that I love, and to not just settle for what I can find. I wore my hair in Twist Outs for the months of March and APril. I continue to wash my hair every two weeks, staying in twists for a week and then doing a twist out from week old twists for a week. However for this past week and a half I have been wearing my hair in a puff!

I began taking the Priteva Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins again about mid-April just to give my hair its yearly dose of nourishment; taking one or two a day, no real rhyme or reason, just doing it. I plan to take the vitamins for 3 months this time. My hair has and continues to thrive, International Natural Hair Meet Up Day is coming up, so this weekend I will set my hair for next weekend, and life is good. Check out the video below for my monthly hair chat, and tell me what your hair has been up to lately:

Friday, May 2, 2014

INHMD 2014 | Tallahassee, Florida

I attended the INHMD last year in Tallahassee, Florida, I enjoyed the event, so I made plans to go this year; however, Unlike last year, this year I am actually giving a presentation:

If you are anywhere near, COME ON OUT, tickets are only $7 (extra cheap)! This year promises to be better than last year with more information to take away and just as wonderful vendors.

Tickets can be purchased here:

What - International Natural Hair Meetup Day is an annual one-day event. Its purpose is to allow the opportunity for women across the country to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing and meeting (virtually) other women across the country participating in meetups on the same day. Natural hair meetups are events designed to share information, techniques, inspiration and products to aid individuals in their natural hair journey.

Title sponsor is Koils By Nature

When - May 17, 2014 from 12:00pm to  4:00pm, VIP ticket holders can enter at 11:00am for early shopping and early access to vloggers, blogger and presenters.

Where - Tallahassee Automobile Museum, at 6800 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, Florida

Who - For people who are natural, transitioning or contemplating going natural

Guest Blogger
Cherese Agee, Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Afrophire Magazine

Mandisa Ngozi - Allow the sisters of Mandisa Ngozi to take you on a spiritual and cultural journey, designed to nourish and enrich the mind, body, and soul through the ancient African Artistry of Yarn Wrapping and Braiding.    

Youtuber Miss Music - Managing Coily Natural Hair at Home, information, product suggestions, techniques for tightly coiled natural hair 

Jasmin Richardson-Sutton with Chocolate Zumba - Working out with Natural Hair, hair tips and styles to not having to worry about natural hair while working out.  

Panel Discussion - with panelists
Youtubers CurlyGirlJess, MissMusic, EyeCUGorgeous & MsRosieVelt
Blogger Cherese Agee from

We're having giveaways and a special raffle for anyone who brings a full size product to donate to The Refuge House.

Vendors so far are selling natural hair products, jewelry, and purses 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Requested: Twist Out Maintenance

As requested, a video detailing how I maintain my twist outs. This is also how I maintain my braid outs. I rarely get 5 days out of a style without having to completely reset it, so usually day 5 is wash day. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Product Review | Ouidad Curl Co-Wash

 I have been using the Ouidad Curl Co-Wash once a week to cleanse my hair, followed by either oil or conditioner since late December. I especially like how much the coils in my hair pop after using this product

My hair has retained more moisture since I began using the Curl Co-Wash and seems to form more curls after every use. My hair is never stripped or tangled after use, no matter how many times I lather or how much product I use. I do not like the overly perfumy smell, but I can deal.

Bottom Line, this product gets an A+ and has become my favorite cleanser. I can still recommend the other cleansers on my staple products list, but as for me, I will use the Ouidad Curl Co-Wash from here on out.


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