Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am Bra Strap Length

I am 1 inch away from Mid-Back Length. I roller set my hair, blew out the roots and wrapped. This means that my hair is still a little bigger than if I had flat ironed so this is not completely representative of my truth length. Regardless its safe to say that I am bra strap length. I am very happy with this. My hair just looks a little better with this cut. So I will hit waist length again probably in March of next year. Woohooo?

After Cut:


  1. Sorry you experienced such a huge setback. Are you still doing Henna treatments? It's probably the best way to try to get some thickness back. With weekly or even biweekly applications you should experience some significant thickness over time.

  2. ~From Short to Long~August 2, 2009 at 10:31 AM

    Yep I am doing them once a month.

  3. Your hair looks soooooo much healthier now!!!!! You will be back at MBL in no time keep up the good work!!!!!!

  4. Thin ends really make hair look limp. Your hairlooks really healthy now though and thicker. My goal for this year is thick MBL. I had to cut (I'm at full BSL now again)to make sure that my hair grows in thick and full. Sometimes you have to forgo length to get your hair to look like how you want it to look. At longer lengths, ends make or break the overall look of the hair. HHG and you'll be WL soon!



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