Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Strand Test

When someone says they apply products and condition their hair based on the needs of their hair, do you think to yourself, well how do I what my hair needs? Or when someone says they are moisture or protein sensitive, do you wonder how they know? Well, the strand test can help you determine these things.

First, determine if your hair is healthy. Simply take a piece of shed hair and put it in water (sink full of water, cup full or bowl full of water). If your hair sinks, its porous and unhealthy, on the other hand, if your hair floats, its happy and healthy.

Now, if your hair is healthy you can move on to the next step:

Determining whether or not your hair needs moisture or protein:
1. Wet your hair thoroughly and grab a piece of wet shed hair
2. If you pull the strand and it stretches 15%-20% and then returns to its original length your hair is balanced, so you can apply either protein or moisture without harm
3. If you pull the strand and it snaps immediately, your hair needs moisture
4. If you pull the strand, it stretches but does not return to its previous length, your hair needs protein

After awhile you will begin to know what your hair needs without the strand test, but this is a good way to start.


  1. i'm new to this site....I do most of my blog reading at work....SSSHH

    when I read this I ran to the breakroom, undid my clip pulled a hair from the clip and put it in a bowl of water and IT FLOATED...I thought this must take went to check on my patient and went back, it was still aloat....yess.....

    I know I need moisture...I try and strech my relaxers...I only use heat(flat iron) once every 8-12 weeks...have mastered braidouts and flexirods and other protective styles.

    I am happy I found your site...this will help me on my healthy hair journey...thanks

    Dee in San Diego

  2. I'm glad you tried the healthy hair test!! Isn't it thrilling to find your hair floating, its great affirmation that what you are doing works! Glad you like my site!

  3. I absolutely love your site. The videos are a huge help with ways I can style my hair for work without feeling in a hair rut. I also love that you put the gym maintenance too as I like to workout but dealing with my hair after can be a pain. The tips and info have been invaluable to me so far. Again Thanks

  4. Thank you for your kind words! You made my day.



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