Friday, January 28, 2011

Product Review: Tangle Teezer and Hercules Sagemann Combs

When it comes to tools for detangling my hair with ease, especially at 20 weeks post, I have two loves: The Tangle Teezer and Hercules Sagemann Hard Ruber Combs.

Hercules Sagemann Combs:

As you may have noticed I have been using Hercules Sagemann combs for about 6 Months! I LOVE and adore these combs! You have to understand that I have very thick, coarse, laugh at flimsy combs, kind of hair, EVEN when relaxed. I discovered seamless combs some time ago and realized that if I wanted to prevent hair thinning they were the best choice. I tried plastic seamless combs like Jlbere, and although they did a better job than what I was using before, they were still thinning my hair out, so I then tried the combs (loved these combs, did a review, and gave them to my sister because they are awesome). I loved them, but I still wanted to try hard rubber combs because in my research I found that they were supposed to be just as good.

So, I bought two 100% Hard Rubber combs both by Hercules Sagemann, the Magic Star Jumbo Rake and the #1975 Styling comb. These combs do not bend, they do not break, and best of all, they make detangling seem like it has never been an issue. They have literally cut my detangling time down by half. I use the Jumbo Rake followed by my Tangle Teezer to detangle before shampooing, and my Styling comb and tangle teezer after applying my leave-in for detangling and styling. I give these combs a ringing endorsement! I plan to buy a rat tail comb from them soon.

I bought my combs from, Herculess Sagemann is a German based company.
Jumbo Rake $17.50
#1975: $12.95

Hercules Sagemann combs are free of any seams or burs, hand-sawn, hand-cut, and hand-polished. Made from 100% Vulcanized Natural Rubber and are non-porous, heat resistant, and antistatic.

Tangle Teezer

I have been using a modified Denman brush after detangling with my Hercules Sagemann combs as a means for getting all of the shed hair out of my head before washing. I thought it was the best option out there, even though it would still take out some non-shed hair at the same time. I really found the Denman to not be ideal, but the lesser of evils for my coarse hair. Recently I bought the Tangle Teezer from Sally Beauty Supply and it quickly replaced my Denman brush.

The Tangle Teezer looks like it cannot do a thing for my hair because the bristles are so close together, short and somewhat flimsy. Boy can looks be deceiving, this brush not only gets the shed hair out of my hair, it detangles and smooths the hair at the same time. After using this brush my hair feels like I have just given it a treat! I really cannot express the greatness of this product enough, all I can say is TRY IT! If you don't like it, return it to Sally's, but please give it a shot, you will NOT be disappointed.

I bought my Tangle Teezer from Sally Beauty for $10.

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