Friday, February 18, 2011

Long Term Stretching: Taming New Growth

The most difficult part of stretching is keeping your new growth happy while not causing breakage and still keeping your hair looking decent. Below are four simple steps you can use to make your new growth manageable while preventing breakage and enjoying your hair.

Leave-In Conditioner
Of course you already use a leave-in conditioner, but it becomes all the more important when you have a considerable amount of new growth. Some form of spray leave-in is actually more beneficial because you can ensure that you are getting to the bottom of your new growth by squirting the product through your hair and all of the way down close to the scalp. Doing so makes it easier to detangle your hair and aids in keeping the new growth moisturized. My favorite product for this purpose is off course Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier.

Oiling your scalp can really be your friend when stretching. DO NOT USE GREASE TO OIL YOUR SCALP, but using other oils can really keep your new growth happy. Oiling my scalp really keeps my new new growth from tangling as much and keeps it softer than when I do not. I oil my scalp after washing once my hair has dried, I do not oil my scalp again until after my next wash. My favorite and most effective oils for this purpose are Castor and Coconut oil.

Protein Treatments
Use a hard protein treatment once every two months to keep your line of demarcation strong. Regularly using a light protein is no substitute for a hard protein treatment once you new growth reaches the 3-4 inch mark. Your relaxed hair is pretty heavy and the point where the two textures meet is more inclined to break as a result. Keeping your hair strong will also aid in detangling because your hair will not be nearly as fragile. My favorite products for a hard protein treatment are the Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment and Nexxus Emergencee.

Clip Split Ends
You may think to yourself, huh? Your relaxed hair and new growth are already very different, but when you add split ends, you get a detangling NIGHTMARE! When those split ends snag every time you comb down your hair shaft, things just go plain wrong, regardless of the fact that you washed your hair in sections.

Your new growth is not nearly as fragile as the length of your hair, but it can cause you so much grief if you do not know what to do with it, believe me when the steps above make things a lot simpler!


  1. I plan on doing a protein treatment tomorrow..Thanks for the reminder

  2. i recently discovered the benefits of a spritz/spray-on leave-in conditioner for NG--these tips are great reminders!

  3. Is Roux Porosity Control considered a protein treatment? I get so confused with the whole protein aspect. Any thoughts and/or suggestions? What about natural protein treatments from the kitchen. Thanks

  4. Roux Porosity Control is not a protein or moisture treatment, it is a ph Balancing treatment. It ensures that your hair is able to receive whatever conditioner you choose to use after the Roux.

  5. I am really struggling with trying to transition from short permed hair to a longer natural look. I have not had a perm for at least 6 months and I still have a considerable amount of permed hair. In addition my hair seem to be hard and brittle once it drys. For all intents and purposes there seem to be no natural curl. While I am at the brink of giving up on the whole natural thing, something just won't let me. Every weekend I find myself trying new products and techniques trying to achieve a look that I can live with.

  6. If you do not mind, I would like to help you more. If you could email me your regimen and maybe a picture of your hair length is, I will see what other advice I may be able to give from my experience. My email address if

  7. I am going back to natural hair without doing the BC! I still have a lot of relaxed hair, maybe a 1/2inch to an inch of new growth. I was wondering whats some good product I can purchase from Sally Beauty Supply to help me maintain a healthy and presentable look? Wondering if all Aphogee products good going throuh this big transition? Please help me out!!! :)

  8. Aphogee is definitely a good product line to keep your hair strong, I have only tried the protein treatments, so I can definitely recommend those.I love the Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing conditioner, it really helps to detangle your hair. Hair One is known for cleansing without causing tangles or stripping the hair. All of the hair juices are great for keeping your new growth moisturized (Carefree Curl, Hawaiian Silky, SCurl) during the summer, but you have to be sure to clarify weekly. Mane n Tail also makes great conditioners, and Proclaim makes a good mineral free all purpose oil. Lastly, Silk Elements makes great conditioners and treatments.



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