Benefits of Not Combing Natural Hair and How to Select a Color Safe Shampoo

Benefits of Not Combing Natural Hair



The pH amount of hair is between 4.5 and 5.5. If the hair reaches a greater pH, the cuticle (layer of scales that protect the fragile inner fibers of the hair) can “rise” and expose the hair fibers to harm. The typical pH of tap water is 7. Using a shampoo properly pH balanced to maintain the isometric pH of your hair, it is absolutely vital to retain your hair color and to protect against fade, although the water used in the washing process is pH appropriately between 4.5 and 5.5 during the washing process.

Sulfate free

Sulphates are a common ingredient in “regular” shampoos, which are powerful cleansers as they remove dirt and hair oils. Unfortunately, they also raise light. There are a number of color-safe, great sulfate-free shampoos available. Avoiding sulfates in your shampoo prevents this gradual color lift and protects you against fading colour.

Healthy Ingredients

We thought the skin was once fairly impermeable, but now we realize that your skin ingredients are easily swallowed up by many pores and follicles and processed through your bloodstream. Recent research has shown that hair care ingredients can be detected within 60 minutes of application in the urine test tests. Parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS) and Ammonia were three ingredients to be completely avoided in all personal care products, each associated with cancer and significant body damage. A new study has found that almost 100% of patients with breast cancer have developed parabens in their tumors.

A quality, professional and permanent hair color is the goal to protect against hair color decay. Ironically, organic color lines such as organic color systems are the most resistant professional hair color brands that also perform best coloring-proof gray hairs. Such ammonia-free hair lines use natural cocoa oil to swell the open cuticle of the hair so that it can close without injury. Instead of being exposed to the porosity of an ammonium-damaged cuticle, this process scales color molecules.

Best Colored Hair Shampoo Items

Healthy hair needs a delicate moisture and protein balance to be maintained. Two lots of oil, hair dry, dead and gooey. Too much protein and hair is thin, hard and vulnerable to breakage. The right balance creates smooth, elastic, lively, young hair.

Your specialist will assess the moisture and protein needs of your hair during your appointment and will prescribe the best deep conditioner for 4c hair to suit your specific needs. Your hair will be able to optimize your hair for its optimum moisture and protein balance while ideally maintaining your color. If your hair needs additional moisture, additional protein, or if your head is optimally balanced, but just needs a colour-proof cleanser.

Benefits of Not Combing Natural Hair

Where to go. Where to go?

With this basic knowledge and a few specific product tips, your next color of hair will be incredibly important. You will speak to your Hair Colorist about these points and inquire about the special products that you would prefer. Extending your vibrant colors with all their elegance and your next root touch will not only preserve, but also boost the value of your beauty investment.

How to pick the Right Hair Form Shampoo

There are many different brands and styles of shampoos available for Asian hair, ranging from cheaper and generic brands to brands of brands like Kerastas and Philip B at local supermarkets, personal and pharmacies. Can only be ordered from specialist salons and shops. So how do you decide?

First of all, you have to know your type of hair

You will easily determine what sort of shampoo your hair will need if you have recently allowed or colored your hair. You may want to use a special shampoo to protect curls if your hair is required.  If your hair has been dyed recently, you need a shampoo that preserves the color and does not strip the hair.

Better shampoos for colorful hair are also more hydrating because after a color job, the hair is typically very dry. Is your hair dry, oily, slender or rough? You will then need another hair shampoo formulated to suit your particular needs. You may ask your trusted hair stylist to recommend a product, or do a beauty search or hair shop to see what people are suggesting for Asian hair products.

Manufacturer’s Statement

It is always important for shampoo producers to be aware of their claims as some don’t really live up to their expectations. The only thing that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) controls is the ingredient list on the back of the shampoo bottle and must truly reflect the quality of the drug.

It means manufacturers can make promises that their shampoos will hydrate hair or add volume to the Asian hair, whether or not they can. However, most consumers don’t even bother to read the list, let alone know what the ingredients are. When the drug is inexpensive and cheap, you can purchase it on trial and error to see whether the shampoo is actually up to its demand. If it’s costly, you would probably want to check for your opinion and experience with others, whether from people you know or from online forums, before deciding whether you really want to invest in it.

Daily use

You also need to understand that most shampoo and conditioner work only temporarily on your hair by leaving traces of residue of product on your hair after washing. You have no long-term effect on your hair health. In order to see progress, you will need daily use of the hair treatment mask and generally it takes a long time to do so. 

Many people prefer to buy cheaper shampoos and conditioners, then invest in more expensive treatment items. Obviously there are also people who can afford to buy only the more costly and higher labels. There are no rough and fast rules here.

Finally, you don’t have to assume that you must use the whole hair product range of a single brand to achieve the best results. Every shampoo can clean your hair and any conditioner can make your hair more comfortable. It is OK that you mix and match items from various.

How to Remove Psoriasis Scales From Scalp Naturally? Exclusive Guide of Beginners!!!

In the modern world, men and women both are hassling with packed schedules. These packed schedules don’t allow them to have a healthy routine of eating and lifestyle. It is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle where you eat right and practice the right to keep your body healthy and free of health issues.

However, not practicing a healthy lifestyle is not only disturbing their routines but also causing severe health issues such as psoriasis. You might get astonished knowing the fact that more than fifty million people around the world are suffering from psoriasis. Mostly psoriasis is encountered into scalp caused in the form of white scales and making the skin pretty much inflamed and itchy that can be really embarrassing. We are stating an exclusive guide – best shampoo for psoriasis for beginners that have just unveiled the concept of psoriasis and are in the initial stage of psoriasis. To know better information about it, you can be considerate about the details stated below.

How to Remove Psoriasis Scales From Scalp Naturally

Causes of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition in which the life cycle speeds up to ten times faster than natural. It further causes the production of skin cells rapidly and viewing it on the skin. Excessive build-up of skin cells takes place in the form of red patches or scales over the skin.

Well, psoriasis is a common skin issue that is mainly caused in early adulthood and can be caused due to several reasons. We are here listing out some of them, so let us get started with them for comprehending the aspect better.

Lower immune system

The cause of psoriasis isn’t really understood, but by far, it is understood as the cause of the lower immune system that one is required to work for. The presence of T-cells into the immune system is for attacking the invaders such as bacteria and various viruses, to deal with it optimally. However, due to disturbance into the immune system, T-cells somehow attack the healthy tissues of the scalp and resulting in such harmful skin disorders.

The common symptoms of psoriasis are redness and itchiness over the skin that you should be considerate if you encounter any.

However, if you don’t pay much attention, then it might get triggered due to factors mentioned below as well.

How to Remove Psoriasis Scales From Scalp Naturally


  • Stress: stress can significantly trigger psoriasis into your scalp, so one should surely be taking lesser stress. In addition, better to devoid overthinking on a regular basis.
  • Smoking: various people consider smoking to relieve stress, but it can immensely trigger psoriasis and leading to awful results. So, if you have encountered the early signs of the skin issue, then consider staying away from smoking and consumption of addictive things.
  • Lack of vitamin D: having a lack of vitamin D can cause several health issues, and psoriasis is one of them. It is better for you to consider to adopt healthy eating habits. Additionally, consider sun exposure for at least 30mins for dealing with the deficiency of vitamin D.
  • Using inapt medications: in the desire to have flawless skin, people often practice the use of several skin products that can further trigger the adverse effects and worsening the situation of psoriasis. These mediations often include lithium that is mainly antimalarial drugs.

Top recommendations of medicated shampoo for psoriasis

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a mineral-rich oil that can further provide assistance in getting rid of the skin issues mainly. It is pretty much effective for dealing with psoriasis at its initial stage. When pondering about the best shampoo for psoriasis, then consider going for one that active elements of coconut oil for correcting the cause speedily with minimal pain. Coconut oil or medicated shampoo infused with coconut oil deals with scales effortlessly and provide amazing results.

How to Remove Psoriasis Scales From Scalp Naturally


Sulfur is packed with ingredients that are helpful in dealing with scales present over the scalp when suffering from scalp psoriasis. Make sure when using for the medicated best shampoo for psoriasis, sulfur must be an active element of it. When you use such cleansing products, then you can easily get rid of the scales and itchiness without much hassle.


Another in the listing is the ketoconazole that is helpful in correcting several scalp issues such as dandruff as well as other scalp condition. When you consider making the consistent use of ketoconazole, then you can reduce the inflammation and silver patches and control it from further causing.

So, when you would be choosing for the best shampoo for psoriasis, then one should be considerate about the ingredients mentioned above for dealing with psoriasis at its initial stage without much hassle. However, if psoriasis has become worsen, then it is better to consider the assistance of dermatologists for correcting the disorder and treating the cause.

Bonus tip

So here is a bonus tip for you that you can be considerate about whenever you go for the raw vegetables eating, then consider spraying a mixture of white vinegar contained with water to remove the pesticides used over the fruits and vegetable. Spraying this mixture before consuming raw vegetables and fruits, you can easily get rid of the residue of pesticides and attain the benefit of several antioxidants present in food.


Let us recapitulate the details stated above regarding the skin issue psoriasis. It would be perfect for you to use for the optimal medicated best shampoo for psoriasis for treating it optimally. It is the much better decision of yours to go for a dermatologist that can treat your scalp psoriasis finely by working over the cause and treating it within. If you consider getting any temporary solution from the assistance of the web, then there is a strong possibility that you might suffer from psoriasis in your upcoming ages as well. Additionally, if you just identified psoriasis in the initial period, only then be considerate about the medicated shampoos as well as keep a check over your diet for getting rid of it optimally. We hope you find the details mentioned above informative and useful for correcting the cause of psoriasis.

How Do You Get Rid of Body Acne?

The body scrub is the supreme cleaning experience that you can get from a local spa and health. The mechanical removal of the dead skin layer throughout the scrub session exposes the young and flexible layer of the skin that makes the customer appear more youthful. It may also be prepared in your home utilizing your own recipes and mixtures.

There are many health advantages connected to this treatment. Among the more apparent uses of the best body scrubs for acne is for exfoliation. One approach of exit for toxic substances is through the skin; hence, shedding the dead layer of skin as a result sloughs off the layer of contaminants on the skin. When the skin is already bare, treatment spa creams and important oils may quickly permeate the skin and alleviate the designated results of renewal and invigoration.

How Do You Get Rid of Body Acne?

The same procedure of exfoliation is also used in the skin whitening treatment of commercial scrubs to improve skin and beauty. The rubbing action throughout the scrub on the skin layer may also promote excellent skin circulation of the blood and lymph making the skin firmer and much healthier.

Making use of coffee as a searching agent in some body scrubs has been shown to eliminate imperfections and cellulites that may trigger an irregular skin texture. To some customers, the odor of coffee throughout the scrub is already a stimulating experience of its own. Using sea salts in the scrub has been known to lead to “radiant” or beaming skin.

The entire body scrub spa package typically features a total body massage to conclude the entire experience on a calming note. Overall relaxation is maybe the most crucial advantage of a body scrub. It can relieve tension and promote a great level of wellness among its customers.

Concepts For Utilizing A Body Scrub.

Your skin is continuously exposed to numerous things. Your environment may not always be clean and you may be soaking up things to block the pores in your skin. Everybody is different and simply cleaning your skin alone may not be enough to keep your skin clean. Numerous techniques can be used for cleaning your skin.

Utilizing a body scrub can be an excellent addition to your own regimen. Both males and females can use this technique. Normally, a body scrub is used while taking a bath or shower as the water will trigger the impacts of the scrub. You can use a scrub after cleaning your skin, however is not essential to do both. Some may have active ingredients particularly developed to clean and exfoliate your skin. This is really helpful as you are removing dead skin cells in addition to cleaning your skin.

There are several types you can use for different functions.

Many items are also available to pick from. When picking a body scrub, think of the level of sensitivity of your skin. You may need to find a mild scrub if your skin is delicate. Some scrubs may be too rough for the face and neck. Ensure the item you use can be used on the face. Products generally define to prevent these areas of your skin if essential. Some bar soaps are made with comparable components to provide the same scrubbing impact on your skin. Some exploring may be essential to find what works for your skin.

You may experience some relaxation with your body scrub as some active ingredients can leave you feeling revitalized. These components can be numerous things such as dead sea salt, sugar, and even coffee! Some people like to integrate a scrub with a massage to get back at more relaxed. If you are having problem finding a scrub that fits you, you can attempt making your own. Many recipes are available online to make your own personalized variation. Be innovative and consider what your skin likes.

Clearer Skin tone

If you deal with dry skin or adult acne, utilizing a body scrub can assist clean up both of these issues, either through removing dry spots or removing toxic substances and oil on the skin’s surface. These people can find that using a scrub a couple of times a week gets rid of excess oil, along with dirt and germs on the surface of the skin, and assists them with eliminating acne quickly.

How Do You Get Rid of Body Acne?

It is normal to use a body scrub 1-3 times a week. Scrubbing frequently may trigger inflammation. Examine the instructions on the item you are utilizing to ensure you are utilizing it properly. You may experience some dry skin after utilizing your scrub. It would be a best practice to hydrate your skin after you scrub. You can use other skin items such as a body cream or butter to keep your skin hydrated.

Once you’ve used a scrub to exfoliate your body or face, the old cells are gone and more youthful, fresh cells are now at the surface; as an outcome, you’ll find yourself with a newborn-pink flush, in addition to that baby softness to your body.

Not just does utilizing a body scrub supply all these advantages, even simply feeling the roughness of the scrub as it works its magic feels unbelievable. Please note, body scrubs must not be used every single day, as they can trigger inflammation to newly exfoliated skin. As a disclaimer, we are not doctors. Please seek advice from a doctor if you are not sure about utilizing a body scrub and before going through any kind of skin care programs to ensure security.


To sum up, utilizing a body scrub can be an excellent option if you are looking for a new way to clean and keep healthy skin. Keep an open mind and want to attempt different items. We hope this article was handy and ideally assisted you identify if this would be an excellent addition for your own skin care programs. The objective of this article was to offer an introduction of utilizing a body scrub. Best of luck and we want you clean healthy skin!

Product Review: Sitrinillah Masque-Ulatra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Product Review: Sitrinillah Masque-Ulatra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

This is IT! The holy grail conditioner. My search is over. I have been using this for a little over a month and I LOVE it!
It comes in a simple small white jar with a white and yellow label. The scent is very pleasant, light and smells of citrus. The consistency is thick, but not thick like a butter. A little goes a long long way and its priced quite well.
I first used the conditioner after shampooing with my godrej bar, I left it on my hair under a plastic cap without heat for one hour per the instructions. My hair felt so soft and after rinsing so very very very moisturized! The next week I used the conditioner on dry hair before shampooing and it worked just a well! Who new! I also tried it with heat, went under the dryer for thirty minutes and then sat around another thirty before rinsing. My hair was not as moisturized, but it still did the job.
I tried using this conditioner in three different ways and I have to say the product works best WITHOUT heat. So for you ladies that do not have a bonnet dryer, this product is perfect for your needs.
So I will continue to buy this product and use it WITHOUT heat because it works so well without it. Best part, no mineral oil and no cones. Its a keeper! I have finally replaced my beloved Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner!

My Regimen Explained: Protein Conditioner

My Regimen Explained: Protein Conditioner

This is another simple aspect of my regimen. I do necessary to ensure that my hair remains strong. Only is my hair breaks easily or sheds too much. If I use heat I will use the protein treatment the wash the week after I use heat. This ensures that any breakdown in strength that occurs through heat usage is restored.
I use Elucence Extended Moisture Repair Treatment for my protein treatments. It uses wheat protein and plant polysaccharides to strengthen and moisturize the hair.
I do not use heat often, so I don’t worry about doing hard protein treatments. My hair is strong and does not lose its strength very fast, which I contribute to using coconut oil regularly as well as faithfully doing a protein treatment once a month (in place of the co-wash conditioner in my regimen).
Henna also strengthens my hair in a more artificial way, it does not repair the actual keratin bonds in the hair, but it does temporarily strengthens the hair. In an attempt to simplify my regimen and to just cut out the mess I have stopped using henna, but I still recommend it to those who want to use it.

Experiment: GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Program

Experiment: GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Program

Experiment: GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Program

I usually take a multi-vitamin, and occasionally I add some type of hair supplement, usually GNC Hair Skin and Nails Vitamin’s. Well, this time I wanted to try the Program to see if that makes any difference. The program has the Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamin’s, plus Evening Primrose Oil and an Advanced Collagen Formula (that includes amino acids). The additional vitmain’s are meant to improve the skin (acne and clearing) and improve the elasticity of the hair. My new growth is currently 2 & 1/2 Inches, and I have a two month supply (thanks to BOGO) of the program, so I will update this experiment after 30, 60 and 90 days. I am going to use the program for the full 30 days as directed, then I will use my regular multi for a month and then use the program again for a total of 90 days. Then I will continue to take my multivitamin as usual,, that will more than likely take care of my extra supplement for the year, the rest of the year I will regularly take a multi-vitamin.

Product Review: Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo and Tropic Isle Jamaican Coconut Black Castor Oil

Product Review: Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo and Tropic Isle Jamaican Coconut Black Castor Oil

Bee Mine Botanical Nourishing Shampoo
Distilled water, decyl glucoside and sodium lauroyl lactylate, calendula extract, lemon grass extract, rosemary extract, lavendar extract, rose extract, nettle extract, and chamomile extract, panthenol, fragrance
Silicone-free, SLS-free/Paraben-free
As you know I have tried soooo many Bee Mine products and I am in favor of the line as a whole. So, of course when I saw this shampoo I had to try it, and I can say that I like it better than the Peppermint Shampoo. This shampoo actually cleans the hair while still imparting moisture into the hair. It is comparable with Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie conditioner, but the Biolage foams up more. However, I can say this shampoo foams up more than the other Bee Mine liquid shampoo and definitely gets the hair cleaner. If I was still using products offline, I would definitely use this shampoo. It really does a fantastic job getting the hair clean while at the same time moisturizing your hair. Even shampooing more than once will not get rid of the feeling of moisturized hair. As is becoming standard with Bee Mine, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! The perfumy smell is quite overwhelming, but if you can get past that, you will really enjoy this shampoo.
I was actually given this product, but it can be purchased from the Bee Mine Products website.
Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Organic Coconut Black Castor Oil Hair & Skin Treatment
Jamaican Black Castor Oil & proprietary blend of each virgin coconut oil
This product interested me because it combines two of my favorite oils. I have been using Castor Oil since the beginning of my hair journey, back when I was natural, and Coconut oil has been a part of my regimen since I discovered it years ago. These two oils never leave my rotation. So, when I saw that a company combined them and saved me the trouble, I had to try the product. I am very very happy with this oil combination.
I have used this as a hot oil treatment, to seal my leave-in, an add-in to my deep conditioner, to oil my scalp, as a hair refresher and to seal in my moisturizer these past couple of weeks. Each time I used this my hair felt soft and supple, and my scalp was more than happy. For some reason, this combination of oils is kismet. I will continue to buy this combo instead of buying JBCO alone and use to this to oil my scap and to seal. This product solidifies at room temperature, but if you just run the bottle under warm water, it melts easily.
I bought this product form Ayurnatural beauty with my own money.Two great finds! I enjoyed the Bee Mine shampoo, but I still like the Biolage shampoo best because it foams up more with less product and I will continue to buy the Coco/Castor Oil instead of JBCO alone.

Long Term Stretching: Taming New Growth

Long Term Stretching: Taming New Growth

The most difficult part of stretching is keeping your new growth happy while not causing breakage and still keeping your hair looking decent. Below are four simple steps you can use to make your new growth manageable while preventing breakage and enjoying your hair.
Leave-In Conditioner
Of course you already use a leave-in conditioner, but it becomes all the more important when you have a considerable amount of new growth. Some form of spray leave-in is actually more beneficial because you can ensure that you are getting to the bottom of your new growth by squirting the product through your hair and all of the way down close to the scalp. Doing so makes it easier to detangle your hair and aids in keeping the new growth moisturized. My favorite product for this purpose is off course Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier.

Oiling your scalp can really be your friend when stretching. DO NOT USE GREASE TO OIL YOUR SCALP, but using other oils can really keep your new growth happy. Oiling my scalp really keeps my new new growth from tangling as much and keeps it softer than when I do not. I oil my scalp after washing once my hair has dried, I do not oil my scalp again until after my next wash. My favorite and most effective oils for this purpose are Castor and Coconut oil.

Protein Treatments
Use a hard protein treatment once every two months to keep your line of demarcation strong. Regularly using a light protein is no substitute for a hard protein treatment once you new growth reaches the 3-4 inch mark. Your relaxed hair is pretty heavy and the point where the two textures meet is more inclined to break as a result. Keeping your hair strong will also aid in detangling because your hair will not be nearly as fragile. My favorite products for a hard protein treatment are the Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment and Nexxus Emergencee.

Clip Split Ends
You may think to yourself, huh? Your relaxed hair and new growth are already very different, but when you add split ends, you get a detangling NIGHTMARE! When those split ends snag every time you comb down your hair shaft, things just go plain wrong, regardless of the fact that you washed your hair in sections.

Your new growth is not nearly as fragile as the length of your hair, but it can cause you so much grief if you do not know what to do with it, believe me when the steps above make things a lot simpler!

Dr. Ali N. Syed: How Relaxers Work

Dr. Ali N. Syed: How Relaxers Work

Gennifer Miller of the hair blog Healthy Textures interviewed Dr. Ali N. Syed from Avlon Organics (makers of Keracare products). In this interview, Dr. Syed does a fantastic job of explaining how relaxers work in lamens terms. He does a fantastic job explaining the difference between no-lye and lye relaxers and what to look out for when applying a no-lye relaxer. ALL Self-Relaxers should listen to this video, but everyone, relaxed or natural, should listen to this video to truly be informed about relaxers.

Dr. Ali Syed, also has a website outlining the effects of many other products like BKT, Keracare products, and more. Be sure to check it out as well.