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Benefits of Not Combing Natural Hair and How to Select a Color Safe Shampoo

Benefits of Not Combing Natural Hair



The pH amount of hair is between 4.5 and 5.5. If the hair reaches a greater pH, the cuticle (layer of scales that protect the fragile inner fibers of the hair) can “rise” and expose the hair fibers to harm. The typical pH of tap water is 7. Using a shampoo properly pH balanced to maintain the isometric pH of your hair, it is absolutely vital to retain your hair color and to protect against fade, although the water used in the washing process is pH appropriately between 4.5 and 5.5 during the washing process.

Sulfate free

Sulphates are a common ingredient in “regular” shampoos, which are powerful cleansers as they remove dirt and hair oils. Unfortunately, they also raise light. There are a number of color-safe, great sulfate-free shampoos available. Avoiding sulfates in your shampoo prevents this gradual color lift and protects you against fading colour.

Healthy Ingredients

We thought the skin was once fairly impermeable, but now we realize that your skin ingredients are easily swallowed up by many pores and follicles and processed through your bloodstream. Recent research has shown that hair care ingredients can be detected within 60 minutes of application in the urine test tests. Parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS) and Ammonia were three ingredients to be completely avoided in all personal care products, each associated with cancer and significant body damage. A new study has found that almost 100% of patients with breast cancer have developed parabens in their tumors.

A quality, professional and permanent hair color is the goal to protect against hair color decay. Ironically, organic color lines such as organic color systems are the most resistant professional hair color brands that also perform best coloring-proof gray hairs. Such ammonia-free hair lines use natural cocoa oil to swell the open cuticle of the hair so that it can close without injury. Instead of being exposed to the porosity of an ammonium-damaged cuticle, this process scales color molecules.

Best Colored Hair Shampoo Items

Healthy hair needs a delicate moisture and protein balance to be maintained. Two lots of oil, hair dry, dead and gooey. Too much protein and hair is thin, hard and vulnerable to breakage. The right balance creates smooth, elastic, lively, young hair.

Your specialist will assess the moisture and protein needs of your hair during your appointment and will prescribe the best deep conditioner for 4c hair to suit your specific needs. Your hair will be able to optimize your hair for its optimum moisture and protein balance while ideally maintaining your color. If your hair needs additional moisture, additional protein, or if your head is optimally balanced, but just needs a colour-proof cleanser.

Benefits of Not Combing Natural Hair

Where to go. Where to go?

With this basic knowledge and a few specific product tips, your next color of hair will be incredibly important. You will speak to your Hair Colorist about these points and inquire about the special products that you would prefer. Extending your vibrant colors with all their elegance and your next root touch will not only preserve, but also boost the value of your beauty investment.

How to pick the Right Hair Form Shampoo

There are many different brands and styles of shampoos available for Asian hair, ranging from cheaper and generic brands to brands of brands like Kerastas and Philip B at local supermarkets, personal and pharmacies. Can only be ordered from specialist salons and shops. So how do you decide?

First of all, you have to know your type of hair

You will easily determine what sort of shampoo your hair will need if you have recently allowed or colored your hair. You may want to use a special shampoo to protect curls if your hair is required.  If your hair has been dyed recently, you need a shampoo that preserves the color and does not strip the hair.

Better shampoos for colorful hair are also more hydrating because after a color job, the hair is typically very dry. Is your hair dry, oily, slender or rough? You will then need another hair shampoo formulated to suit your particular needs. You may ask your trusted hair stylist to recommend a product, or do a beauty search or hair shop to see what people are suggesting for Asian hair products.

Manufacturer’s Statement

It is always important for shampoo producers to be aware of their claims as some don’t really live up to their expectations. The only thing that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) controls is the ingredient list on the back of the shampoo bottle and must truly reflect the quality of the drug.

It means manufacturers can make promises that their shampoos will hydrate hair or add volume to the Asian hair, whether or not they can. However, most consumers don’t even bother to read the list, let alone know what the ingredients are. When the drug is inexpensive and cheap, you can purchase it on trial and error to see whether the shampoo is actually up to its demand. If it’s costly, you would probably want to check for your opinion and experience with others, whether from people you know or from online forums, before deciding whether you really want to invest in it.

Daily use

You also need to understand that most shampoo and conditioner work only temporarily on your hair by leaving traces of residue of product on your hair after washing. You have no long-term effect on your hair health. In order to see progress, you will need daily use of the hair treatment mask and generally it takes a long time to do so. 

Many people prefer to buy cheaper shampoos and conditioners, then invest in more expensive treatment items. Obviously there are also people who can afford to buy only the more costly and higher labels. There are no rough and fast rules here.

Finally, you don’t have to assume that you must use the whole hair product range of a single brand to achieve the best results. Every shampoo can clean your hair and any conditioner can make your hair more comfortable. It is OK that you mix and match items from various.