Where to Begin?FOR BEGINNERS

To start with, I would choose a:
1) Pre-poo
2) Shampoo
3) Deep Conditioner
4) Leave-In
5) Moisturizer
6) Oil to Seal (I recommend coconut, extra virgin olive, avocado, castor, or macademia nut)
After reading these posts, choose a day to wash your hair each week and use these products. For the first month do not use heat to style.
7)Instead Air-Dry
8)and Protective Style
Lastly if you are relaxed you should be sure that you are spending enough time in between relaxing, otherwise known as
9) Stretching
After doing this for a month you should see some kind of change in your hair and you will also begin to know what your hair needs.
10)I would personally continue to not use heat for 6 months to really see a turn around in the hair.
Hope this helps!