Hair Growth Cycle

Do you know how your hair reacts to the seasons through out the year? Everyone has a resting period, where their hair does not grow. A period of time where they see slow growth and instead an increase in thickness, and everyone gets a growth spurt.
Learning when these things happen can help maximize the potential for retaining the length and thickness of your hair with every season. Knowing this ensures that I am never disappointed with my growth because I know when it will occur. My growth cylce goes like this:
Winter=Increase in thickness
Spring=Growth increase
Summer=Growth spurt
In the Winter I usually wear my hair in big-hair friendly styles (like braid outs, twist outs, bun with two sections, etc.). I also detangle once or twice a week. I am not concerned about thining my hair with excess combing because it is always soo big in the winter. My hair is drier during this season due to the cold, so I try to use butters as they are heavier than just oil.
In Spring I usually enjoy my hair for a bit with rollersets or whatever style hits my fancy. I know that I will have a good amount of new growth, but not so much that I have to stick to textured styles only. This is the season where I can experiment with styles and not worry about damaging my hair.
In the Summer my new growth hits with a vengence. I amp up my deep conditioning and co-washing and I usually stick with textured styles. I religiously do protein treatments to ensure that there is no breakage at the demarcation line and I do not use a lot of prouct. Usually this stretch consists solely of braid-outs, twist-outs, bantu knot-outs in different forms. I try to finger detangle daily to ensure that on my wash days the detangling process is not too bad. I am as gentle as possible when detangling, (oftentimes separating each hair strand from the other before detangling) to ensure breakage does not occur due to the two fighting textures.
In Fall I turn back to protective styling. Since my hair is resting and is not growing at all, I try to protect all the length and thickness that I have retained that year by protective styling. I ensure that I take my vitamins daily and drink plenty of water, changing my focus from external to internal.
Knowing my hair tendencies is truly the best way to retain length and optimize growth. Each season I truly just respond to what my hair needs, but I keep these observations in mind when making decisions.