My Regimen Explained: Ayurvedic Powders

If you have followed my blog at all you know that I have tried so very many ways to use Ayurveda. It is through these various experiments that I have come to a good way to use these powders that is catered to my hair.
I use the powders usually once a week as a tea in two combinations:

Cleansing and StrengthingĀ = Bhringraj + Amla + Shikakai
Moisturizing and Strengthening = Brahmi + Fenugreek + Hibiscus
That is right, two combination! I try to keep things as simple as possible.

I keep these combinations mixed in two separate mason jars and I make 25 tea bags of each tea combination (1 good sized teaspoon of powder in each bag). I then store these tea bags in two separate zip lock bags in my product bin. This makes the tea process easy as pie each week.

I always do a hot oil treatment before applying a tea rinse to protect my hair from the harshness of the powders. I never ever comb my hair after a tea rinse much like a co-wash. I discovered awhile back that combing my hair after a tea rinse leads to hair loss. I could speculate why, but instead I will just say, don’t comb your hair after a tea rinse.
After the hot oil treatment (this would be a good time to detangle) I hop into the shower, rinse my hair for 5 minutes, co-wash, rinse and then apply the tea rinse first to my scalp and then to my strands. I massage my scalp for a couple of minutes and then I go about the normal shower business. When done I rinse the tea out for another five minutes and follow with the usual leave-in, sealant and air dry.

I also do aĀ henna gloss every six weeks or more ( my hair may not need it). I also store my henna in a separate mason jar. The mason jars are really one of my best ideas for storing the powders. I do not have a bunch of powders laying around so I know exactly when I need a new powder or set of powders.
C&S Combo Ingredients:

50g Bhringraj
100g Amla
100g Shikakai
M&S Combo Ingredients:
100g Brahmi Powder
100g Fenugreek Powder
100g Hibiscus Powder
Tea Rinse Instructions:
9 oz. Rose Water
1 tea bag
1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
1. Fill ceramic cup or mug with warm rosewater
2. Insert tea bag and let steep for 1 hr. to overnight
3. Trash tea bag and pour tea into applicator bottle
4. Add ACV and shake well