My Regimen Explained: Oils

So, I thought I would go into more detail about my regimen and specifically explain how I use my products. I have also changed the placement of my regimen and moved it to the side bar on the right. So to begin with this series, lets talk about the oils in my regimen.

I have tried many oils but I only stick to three for good reason. First and foremost Castor Oil. This is really the end all and be all of oils for my hair. I mix this oil with my other oils for the best possible results. It has antibacterial qualities which means it keeps the hair clean while adding moisture and strength to the hair. It really is the only oil that I have not strayed away from since the beginning of my hair journey. When I get the notion to add oils to conditioners, Henna treatments, etc. I always use Castor Oil. I usually use cold pressed castor oil and when I was trying to regain the thickness in my hair damaged from my setback I used jamaican black castor oil on my scalp daily.

The other two oils in my hair regimen are made by Dabur. They are my Ayurvedic oils and are infused with Ayurvedic powders such as Henna, Alma, Brahmi, etc. They are Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil and Vatika Enriched Almond Oil. These oils do not contain mineral oil or petroleum. I have used coconut oil for awhile and I changed specifically to Vatika Enriched coconut oil for its Ayurvedic properties. Coconut oil has been proven to prevent protein loss in hair strands and has also been proven to penetrate the hair shaft, so I use it for that purpose. Sweet Almond oil is also another common Ayurvedic oil known to prevent moisture loss and add softness and shine to the hair. I use both of these oils in combination with castor oil as hot oil treatments and the coconut oil mix for sealing.

Specific Oil Breakdown Ratios:
2 oz. Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil
3 oz. Cold Pressed Castor Oil
I mix both of these oils in an applicator bottle.
2 oz. Vatika Enriched Almond Oil
3 oz. Cold Pressed Castor Oil

I mix both of these oils in another applicator bottle.

Once a week before tea rinsing I do a hot oil treatmentl. I put a mug of hot water in the microwave for three minutes. I then put the applicator bottle in the hot water until the oil is warm but not so hot it will burn my scalp. I then apply the oil, pin my hair up in the center of my head, and then cover with my platinum conditioning cap. I condition anywhere from 1 hour to overnight. I do the same before a Henna treatment using a whole lot more oil.
When sealing I apply my moisturizer and then I pour a nickel sized amount of oil in my hands, I rub my hands together to warm the oil and then I apply to my hair.

That’s it! I only use three oils in my regimen. There are plenty of other incredibly great oils out there like olive, macademia nut, avocado and more, but these are the three that I use. They are the best for my hair and I am at the point where I just like to stick with what works. Let me know if you have any more questions about this part of my regimen. More explanations to come!