My Regimen Explained: Protein Conditioner

This is another simple aspect of my regimen. I do necessary to ensure that my hair remains strong. Only is my hair breaks easily or sheds too much. If I use heat I will use the protein treatment the wash the week after I use heat. This ensures that any breakdown in strength that occurs through heat usage is restored.
I use Elucence Extended Moisture Repair Treatment for my protein treatments. It uses wheat protein and plant polysaccharides to strengthen and moisturize the hair.
I do not use heat often, so I don’t worry about doing hard protein treatments. My hair is strong and does not lose its strength very fast, which I contribute to using coconut oil regularly as well as faithfully doing a protein treatment once a month (in place of the co-wash conditioner in my regimen).
Henna also strengthens my hair in a more artificial way, it does not repair the actual keratin bonds in the hair, but it does temporarily strengthens the hair. In an attempt to simplify my regimen and to just cut out the mess I have stopped using henna, but I still recommend it to those who want to use it.