Ok, so you may say to yourself, your setback is not that bad, but when I look at this particular picture it really hits me how much my hair has suffered. So, this is the picture that makes me want to kick myself the most.
A little over a year ago my hair looked like this.

Real Setback Comparison Pic

Well, I think that I have gone on and on about my setback enough in previous posts so I will not do that again. I said all of this to say that my hair is bouncing back. The shortest hair in that broken off section (about half of my head) is now neck length and the longest hair is brushing my shoulder .
So, I am going to continue to stretch my relaxer until March because I am getting so much good growth right now. I am going to put some Senegalese twists in my hair for the next three months to get me through this stretch. I will take a day this week to install them, I think Wednesday, and I will be back with pics at some point this week, they will be my official before pics and in March I will cut all of my hair back to shoulder length (after pics) and begin the growth process again.
I will also be back with a braids regimen and pics soon!