Transitioning to Natural Hair

So, as you ladies know, I go back and forth and back and forth between staying natural or going relaxed. I know that it is just a matter of time before I go back to natural. I really really really REALLY want to go back to natural right now, but I want to try something first. I want to transition to be sure that this is what I want to do. I mean, my hair has bounced back from my setback by leaps and bounds. My hair is back to its healthiest again and I could continue to relax my hair, I learned my lesson and will never let anyone else do that again. At the same time, everything in me wants to go back to natural. I miss my B.A.A, my twist outs, my wash n go’s and my just plain curly hair.

So, what to do? Well sometime today or tomorrow I am going to flat iron my hair and cut it to a completely even length. I will wear it straight for awhile and then I am going to try to transition. I feel like that would be the best way for me to make a decision. I think I will do braid outs and bantu knot outs to start and see where that takes me. In the end this will have either extended my relaxer stretch or started me on the road to natural. Time will tell!

By the way, this is week 11 of my usual 12 week stretch.